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Generation 1:

Teenage Cinderella Casmin

UnluckyNeatFriendlyAnimal Lover

Cinderella's mother died when she was young,
and her father died after remarrying a nasty woman who had two 
ugly girls of Cinderella's age-her stepsisters.

Various Outfits:


Young Adult Cinderella Casmin

UnluckyNeatFriendlyAnimal LoverNurturing

Various Outfits:

Everyday (Before)Everyday (After)Formal (Ball Gown)Formal (Wedding Dress)

Teenage Anastasia Tremaine

ClumsyMean SpiritedSnobSchmoozer

Anastasia Tremaine had no better wishes than
to ridicule her step-sister, get what she wanted,
and eventually marry a boy.

Various Outfits:


Teenage Drizella Tremaine


Drizella Tremaine just wanted to make her
mother proud and ruin her step-sister's life.
As the eldest sister, she wanted her sister to
obey her and... well, she didn't agree
with Anastasia's mate choices. Drizella sought
a suitable man-rich and handsome, if she could.

Various Outfits: 


Young Adult Drizella Tremaine


Various Outfits: 


Lady Tremaine

Couch PotatoEvilMean SpiritedSnobDislikes Children

Lady Tremaine had evil intentions
at the start. She hated her 
step-daughter and worked
her to the bone, depriving privileges and forcing
her to do tedious tasks. She wanted
her daughters to do well in life and
marry a rich man. 

Various Outfits:


Lucifer Tremaine


(Trained Traits)

NeatNon-Destructive Adventurous

Lucifer was a fat, pampered kitty.
He wasn't the worst cat in the world,
but he was spiteful and grumpy-
he also had a fondness for small rodents

Prince Charming


Prince Charming was the handsome child of
King Charming, and Cinderella was his
first real love. His ultimate quest
was to find and marry the girl
who fits the shoe (AKA Cinderella)

Various Outfits:

King Charming

Hopeless RomanticFamily-OrientedGood Sense of HumourHot-HeadedNurturing

Ever since his wife died, King Charming 
had been slightly lonely. King wanted
grand-kids very badly, and arranged
for his son to have a ball because of it.
His plan succeeded and his son found
a wife-now if only King could
do the same.

Various Outfits: 

Everyday and FormalSleepAthleticSwimCareer
Becky Lack

ChildishBraveNatural Born PerformerSlob

Becky was Cinderella's best friend
and one of King's many love
interests. Becky's life goals
were to marry a rich man and
live in the lap of luxury.

Various Outfits: 


Generation 2:

Toddler Andy Casmin

Good Sense of HumourGood Sense of Humour

Andy was the first born of Cinderella and Prince.
He had King's white hair and Prince's brown eyes.
Andy had a doll that he was very attached to.

Various Outfits: 

EverydayFormalSleep (Old)Sleep (New)

Child Andy Casmin

Good Sense of HumourGood Sense of HumourPerceptive

Various Outfits: 


Teen Andy Casmin

Good Sense of HumourGood Sense of HumourPerceptive 

Various Outfits: 

Toddler Buzz Casmin

Easily ImpressedBrave

With daddy's dark hair and mommy's light eyes,
Buzz was born to use his looks to get his way.
Made for trouble, Buzz was a brat who played innocent.
Buzz was exactly 1 minute and 38 seconds older than
his fraternal twin sister, Sandy

Various Outfits: 


Child Buzz Casmin

Easily ImpressedBraveMean-Spirited

Various Outfits: 


Teen Buzz Casmin

Easily ImpressedBraveMean-Spirited 

Various Outfits: 

Toddler Sandy Casmin


The third child of her family, Sandy did things
to impress her brothers, so she wasn't
sure how to make her own decisions.
Sandy was bright, but she needed to start
thinking on her own if she wanted
to get anywhere in life.

Various Outfits: 

Everyday FormalSleep

Child Sandy Casmin


Various Outfits: 


Teen Sandy Casmin


Various Outfits: 

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